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Monday, July 21, 2014

culinary: museli

Hello, breakfast! One of my favorites: cereal. I love cereals. They are my processed food weakness and I've been trying for months to wean myself off of them completely. But it hasn't happened yet. However, I have upgraded my cereal to include a little dose of this healthy mix! Museli. Basically, granola that hasn't been baked or coated with sugar.  

Tastiness level: awesome but could use that sugar. 
Health level: high, look at all that good stuff!
Culinary skill level: easy peasy

What You Need:
1.5 cups of steel cut oats (not quick cooking oats)
0.5 cup of unsalted sunflower seeds
0.5 cup of unsalted pepita pumpkin seeds
0.5 cup of dried, unsweetened coconut flakes
0.5 cup of flax seeds

You can also add: raisins, nuts, cranberries, dried blueberries..

Just add everything together in a seal-able container  and shake to combine! Enjoy daily. Just add milk, and maybe a tiny bit of honey if you need the added sweet. You can also combine with yogurt. YUM
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

insta giveaway: sibella court's gypsy

My first Instagram based giveaway! Yup, surprise! And I'm giving you the chance to win one of my favorite books. Home stylist Sibella Court has always (and forever) been an inspiration to me. Her books encourage my wanderlust, and feed my insatiable appetite for travel and home decor utilizing your own interesting pieces. It's eclectic vibes, and easy to lose yourself in the thick, beautifully photographed pages of her newest book Gypsy.

Gypsy is likely to be Sibella's last book for a while. It debuted in the US back in April. Photographed by her talented brother, Chris Court, and portraying yet another adventure around the globe. Sibella curates a shop in Australia known as The Society Inc.

Just simply follow me on Instagram (@chiquitachela) and then regram the photo from Instagram, and be sure to include the following tags: @chiquitachela #seafieldandtribe #gypsy . A winner will be chosen at random then announced on July 30! 

Contest Rules:
Open to all USA residents (with a valid US postal address for me to ship it to you!)
Open to all sea, field & tribe readers, family & friends
Ships Media Mail (unless you'd like to pay for priority shipping via PayPal)
Must be a follower on Instagram and include all the appropriate hashtags to be eligible 

Good luck! 

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

post sickness recovery of good bacteria

Evan came down with strep throat. He's never had it before, so he didn't know what the reaction was like..... nor did the doctor we visited at our local Rincon emergency room. I don't want to start this post acting like I know more than a medical doctor because that is surely not the case - but when presented with all the signs and symptoms of strep throat, then treating the patient with an insanely strong form of antibiotics used to treat sexually transmitted diseases, Lyme disease and pneumonia - a red flag should go up.

You are probably aware that our bodies harbor certain types of bacteria that coexist with our immune systems and keep us healthy. When you take antibiotics, many of those harmless and helpful bacteria die off as well which can actually leave your immune system out of whack for a few weeks post-sickness. So what's the best way to recover those little bugs and protect our bodies after such [heavy] doses of meds? Probiotics! 

Feed that body with some good ole probiotic foods like yogurt, kefir, kombucha... And try adding things like chutneys, pickle relishes into your meals. Eat more bone broth! Just to name a few. 

Here are two links I found useful: Recovering Gut Health | Would You Eat Bacteria? |

And also, do your research! Don't blindly trust everything a doctor tells you. Ask questions. Follow up on their treatments by researching the drugs prescribed. Know your own health history - are you allergic to certain meds? Have you experienced antibiotics before? Push to try a lower grade medication before stripping your insides of everything in one shot. Get a second opinion. Listen to your body. Try a natural remedy first. And again, ask questions. These are just my suggestions.

In Evan's case, he rarely gets sick and almost never requires antibiotics. We began treatment at home with natural ingredients like ginger herbal tea, hydrating with coconut water, adding turmeric to our smoothies. And as I type this, he just passed me a smoothie chocked full of spinach, greek yogurt, ginger, fruits and goodies to help bring his system back up to par after that IV of an unnecessarily intense antibiotic last night.

All-In-All: Eat healthy, listen to your body, know your medical history, be prepared, and seek medical attention when necessary, and ask questions. 

[image: Greatist]
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Monday, July 14, 2014

life lately: in instagrams

Life has been a whirl wind of wedding planning, trip to Texas, yoga classes, and research. I've had some great opportunities to get more involved with my community, and I'm loving every minute of it.I introduced a new yoga class to Rincon two weeks ago - a scripture based free yoga class at our local church. The response has been so tremendously inspiring to me; it just totally reinforces why I decided to journey deeper into yoga in the first place.

I have so many exciting ideas for workshops and special classes; I've been jotting down all my creative little plans into a notebook and referring back often to see what things have transpired or what I still need to do to bring others to fruition.  A local teacher and myself have even discussed plans of joining forces with the other studios in town to bring about Rincon's first yoga fest. Oh, I love this yoga high! 

And research. With so much else going on, I've been struggling to juggle blogging, my professional career, my hobbies, my new passions, casual reading, and just all around keeping up with the things I value as important in life. My research has slowed this summer, but it's purely of my own doing. I need a bit more motivation to rekindle that fire that burns during the semester. I find summer as a time to slow down, and maybe that's the pace I need at this time? I'm just not sure.

You will soon notice some changes to the blog - I will be slightly revamping by removing some elements that no longer apply (the shop, for instance) and adding some new areas (yoga). I hope to bring more wellness and health to the blog as I continue to explore this a bit more!

And I do have a  surprise for you this week.. if you're an Instagram follower, then get ready for an awesome giveaway. If you don't follow me on Instagram, now is your chance. You don't want to miss this. No hints, just patience!

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Thursday, July 3, 2014


Photographer: Duane Sanabria
Location: Rincon & Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
Turquoise Dress: Sabo Skirt
Coral Dress: TJ Maxx

Monday, June 16, 2014

hubalou bamboo head wrap

I don't have enough space for all the good things I can say about Hubalou. Sustainable, beautiful, useful, made in the USA, giving back to local communities with their profits - hello! A product that I can feel good about using on my hair.

Hubalou is a young company, just recently founded in 2012 by Sarah Masciana. She experimented with different materials, originally utilizing a cotton t-shirt to dry her hair to protect the natural curls. Then she stumbled upon the bamboo fiber and brought forth this luxurious bamboo head wrap. Perfect for all hair types! I was in the same position as this Austin, Texas based Hubalou founder...

Prior to Hubalou, I used a bath towel Turbie Twist head wrap when I got out of the shower - I battle frizz and humidity problems here in Puerto Rico like no other. So I immediately apply jojoba oil or Moroccan oil to my hair to combat this, then wrap it up to keep the moisture inside to dry my hair while I pray for less frizz by the time I unwrap. Then I came across Hubalou by accident and was impressed with their bamboo fiber head wrap that they claim results in more manageable, healthy hair and less frizz. Less Frizz! Exceptionally marketed towards folks with naturally curly (me!) or dry brittle hair (sometimes me!). I had to try this out for myself.

When my head wrap arrived, I used it that same night. And slept in it so that I could wake up with beautiful natural curls sans frizz. And did that happen? 

Yes. Yes it did, like a miracle it did. Will I ever use a regular terry cloth again? Definitely not. Sarah's stylist said it best -- a terry cloth (or synthetic microfiber) is like Velcro on your hair, pulling individual strands and breaking apart natural curls. I don't want that!

So I wanted to share this product with you and I've demonstrated how to wrap the Hubalou in the above photos. You can find additional illustrations on how to wrap it for short hair, for sleeping and more at their site. These make awesome gifts, stocking stuffers for Christmas or hostess presents too! 

Have a wonderful week!
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

all about this journey

Well hello again! I'm back from an amazing journey and an exceptionally long hiatus from the blog. There have been a lot of changes recently - lots of research conducted, wedding plans blooming, yoga learning, more research conducted and the list just goes on. I appreciate your patience and I do hope you enjoy reading a little about life lately...

As I posted about a month back, I attended a two week intensive power yoga teacher training program. This was something I had been considering for a bit, and the opportunity to pursue this course landed at my feet at the right time and place. So I joined three other strong, dedicated women and we took an unforgettable journey into life, ourselves and the philosophy of yoga. I emerged rejuvenated and ready to tackle the world with a new, positive outlook. The experience was wonderful and has changed the way I approach both obstacles and blessings. 

The days were 12-14 hours long. Sometimes, we would power through hour long yoga classes several times a day (I think one day we did something like 6 hours of yoga). Other time was spent pouring over the Yoga Sutras (essentially, the Bible of yoga) which corresponded to Christian spirituality so well, I was amazed and delighted. Then of course since we are alignment based in nature, we spent a considerable amount of time reviewing bones, muscles and how the poses work these features of the body. This was enlightening to me as a scientist, and I'm so eager to share this aspect with my students. 

It's not that I didn't have the tools to tackle life before yoga, but after this experience I'm able to place situations into a different perspective - learning to detach from "things", which doesn't mean living without "things", just not letting them define or control me. Learning to accept myself as I come each day, not judging my body or my ability or comparing myself to others. Letting go of ego, letting go of fear and letting go of expectations. Just be. Just being present. Just living in the moment.

I've already started teaching at a local studio here in Rincon, as well as established my own practice to take with me to La Parguera (where I attend school and conduct research, in the south of the island) and to travel with me home to Texas and elsewhere. Rincon can be a competitive town for yoga - we have three well established studios and several independent yogis - so I'm not looking to compete with anyone here, but will instead focus most of energy into La Parguera since I spend an abundant amount of time there as well.

Soul Blessed Yoga is my own practice. I feel this represents exactly how I view yoga - something that reaches out to you not to change you, but to enable you to change yourself. Yoga is for everyone - I love this about the practice. It is something you work towards on your mat, and live off your mat. It encourages you to be present every day, not worrying or trying to control life. It's purpose is to draw you closer to God, with the ultimate goal being complete surrender to God. Sound familiar? The Bible instructs us not to worry, but to put our trust and faith in Him that He will not give us more than we can handle. Fascinating, right? I love how the Bible and yoga truly connect.

I'm bringing a free class to my local church in July, where everyone in the congregation is invited to roll out their mats and enjoy a morning workout to start their weeks. I plan to incorporate a bit of yoga philosophy and how it ties in with scripture. I had a lot of positive reactions and enthusiastic folks approach me after I announced this last Sunday, so I'm hoping my students will enjoy this as much as I do!

And there it is! A small recap of my yoga teacher training. If you ever happen to be in Rincon, I'd love to share this with you.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

travel: dorado beach, puerto rico

Okay, so hello my dear friends. You may remember my recent post on Facebook that I will be vanishing from the blog world momentarily due to some commitments, research and upcoming yoga teacher training? This is still the case, but I wanted to break the silence and share a bit about my recent travel for all you wanderlusters.

I recently returned from a weekend at the Ritz-Carlton in Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico. Yes, that's correct. The Ritz. THE Ritz-Carlton. I say it a lot because I can't hardly believe it myself. I was contacted again by my favorite travel magazine, Afar, and asked to be a special correspondent to head up north on the island and stay at the luxurious Ritz to review the hotel for their online collection. YES, YES and YES! So two weekends back, Evan and I packed up and drove a couple hours north only to find ourselves stepping into a paradise we had no idea existed in Puerto Rico. 

We love living on this island. We think its gorgeous, full of color and life, and rich in culture and history. But when we were welcomed with open arms (judgement free of our surfer looks and casual lifestyle) into a tropical oasis that apparently exists inside of an already beautifully tropical island.... we just didn't know what to think! So we lived it up for three days, and here are some glorious photos to show for it! 

Our room was oceanfront with a private plunge infinity pool. We had an outdoor shower inside the bathroom, which made a little grotto of luxury that I was so hesitant to leave. Pretty sure I took more baths and shower in those three days than I do in a week (not true, I shower daily..).  We gallivanted through the well manicured lawns and gardens, enjoying an ocean view from every angle of the resort. And the SPA. My goodness, the spa. 

The spa was five acres. Five acres of pure relaxation, a haven to escape within your escape. And I was comped a massage, so naturally I chose the signature tree house massage for 60 minutes of bliss up amongst the trees. I could have just stayed there the whole day, drinking freshly brewed pomegranate tea, soaking up the filtered sunlight through a jungle courtyard in the jacuzzi, and cleansing the body in the sauna. Hello, good life. 

But then it ended just as quickly as it came to be. We packed up and left the resort, entering back into our reality of graduate school and responsibilities. But hey, we have a weekend getaway of a lifetime to remember for a lifetime. At the perfect moment for Evan and I - as we soon celebrate four years together and continue to celebrate our not-so-recent-anymore engagement. 

If you want to see specific details of my favorite parts of the experience, you can check out all my highlights about the Ritz-Carlton's Dorado Beach Resort on my Afar wanderlist here.

Now, it's back to yoga teacher training! See you on the other side!
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